Community Engagement


At Empower our Youth Foundation
we show and encourage every single child to recognize their gifts and talents that they might not even recognize they possess. It's important that we help them develop their gifts properly so that in adulthood they will thrive to become their BEST!!
Empower UP events show youth/teens how to activate their EMPOWERUP POWERS - being an upstander, showing your intelligence, and creative abilities. Each event that youth/teens attend they will find their true Empower Up Powers to lift themselves and other UP to be a VOICE against Bullying!!

We will see you soon,
2022 #inclusioniseverything

In light of the pandemic's impact on students' academic and mental well-being. The critical components of our programs are to help fight bullying, food insecurity, learning deficits, and social-emotional problems in our youth/teens. The E.P.I.C. Kids STEM/Literacy Academy program and the collaboration with local police officers hosting Books & Badges community events help close the learning gaps, provide vital Anti Bullying prevention resources/awareness, virtual learning services, and self-esteem empowerment to support elementary, middle, and high school students in Columbus, OH and throughout the United States.

The E.P.I.C Kids program

The E.P.I.C Kids program is committed to supporting students who have experienced academic loss from digital learning during COVID-19 and who need help in dealing with all forms of bullying happening in their home, school, and community. The programming includes Bullying and Social/ emotional learning curriculum by the Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center to incorporate healthy living and inclusion for all youth. EPIC Kids program consists of meeting the needs of our vulnerable students in the areas:

The Books & Badges and Blankets

The Books & Badges and Blankets began with local police officers collaborating with schools, community centers, and non-profit organizations in Columbus, OH to foster critical advocacy to provide hope and maintain stability for students in their families during these unprecedented times. Empower our Youth Foundation, CEO/Founder Tonya Kelly, joined forces with the local Police officers from around the city to improve and change mutual trust in hopes of building strong relationships between police and communities. Due to COVID-19 and racial relations "Books, Badges and Blankets offers a fun community event for families to interact socially and emotionally with local police officers to read aloud a story and share antibullying, cyberbullying and family safety information.


Community is a Priority!

At The Table’s Inaugural Walk-A-Thon Event

Empower our Youth Foundation offered a Kids vendor station #BooksSTEMandPopicles during the At The Table’s Inaugural Walk-A-Thon event.

Reynoldsburg Juneteenth Celebration

Reynoldsburg Juneteenth Celebration/Fashion/ Talent show Huber Park and Reynoldsburg YMCA Fashion designers STARSTRUKT APPAREL High Esteem collection.