Our Story

Empower our Youth Foundation is an Antibullying prevention non-profit organization founded in October 2016 when her middle daughter experienced cyberbullying her senior year of High School. The incident left her family disheartening and dismayed in how law enforcement and her daughter's school dealt with the severe bullying incidents. When her granddaughter was bullied several years later. Tonya realized that bullying is a stigma that happens far to often without no resolution. Empower our Youth Foundation mission is combining mental health wellness, official reporting of incidents, STEM, literacy, bullying prevention, and self-empowerment to develop positive attributes crucial to the well-being of youth ages 5-17 years old. 


We Give Youth a Voice!

Empower our Youth Foundation provides youth a unique and comprehensive approach to bullying prevention in the development of equipping youth with the tools they need to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. We also, provide a safe space to assist with the reporting of bullying incidents to the authorities.


Be A Champion Always

The vision of BE A Champion is being open to getting to know people as individuals, we can break down many barriers and misconceptions. In doing so, we can help become a better global citizen as well as better understand the values of multiculturalism in our community. Being A Champion is beneficial for all youth/teens not just those from ethnic or minority groups. The wider perspectives of students from different backgrounds and the greater variety of teaching methods help everyone gain more fully in social emotional experiences.


Share your VOICE!

Every ten minutes a child in the United States is bullied. You’re not alone. We want to hear your story.

Bullying stay strong when you stay quiet!! When parents and youth stand up and share their story it removes the stigma that bullying relies on. Stand UP and give your story a platform give and receive support from others that have been bullied and share their experiences.

Your stories can and will help others. Sharing your experiences will give a voice to parents, children and educators. You no longer have to feel alone. Empower our Youth is forming communities of support and it starts with your story.