Our Story

Tonya's children were bullied and the experiences changed her family. The organization was launched to build confidence, social-emotional learning tools in kids by empowering them to “Stop Being Silent” against bullying by teaching bullying prevention and bringing awareness to all forms of bullying.


Our youth are suffering from the effects of bullying due to a lack of support for bullying prevention.  Technology has created a new venue for bullying which results in aggressive behavior or harming oneself.



WE give the youth a VOICE!

Empower our Youth Foundation offers youth empowerment programs to students, families, and educators to learn about bullying prevention, giving our youth a voice. We provide a safe place to report personal bullying incidents to the authorities.

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Empower our Youth community Corner is a virtual live, public affairs, talk radio show highlighting all the positive things happening in Columbus, OH, and all over the US. Tonight's Special Guest is Crystal Goliday, MS, MBA The Fun Finder for Education.


Dear Empower

Stand up and be a voice for our youth against bullying!

Dear Empower is an opportunity to talk anonymously about your experience with bullying.