The Empower Our Youth Foundation provides youth empowerment/mentoring programs to students, families, and educators. The foundation teaches bullying prevention and amplifies the voices of the youth.


Dear Empower You!

Students and families, please share your bullying experience and how it has impacted you.

Share your Truth and Rise up!  Be a voice for our youth against bullying.

All submissions stay anonymous.

DEIA Statement

We educate youth on preventing discrimination and racism, suicide prevention, self-empowerment, social and emotional skills, and how to deter violence while in school, online, and in your community.

2023 Empower You Fashion Show

BE A Champion Fundraiser Fashion Show Gala will feature our youth models and parents walking while displaying wear from our local and national designers. That goal of the event is to educate people about Being a Champion and standing our ground when it comes to any forms of bullying. The exchange is to focus on how we are all different from what we look like, how we affect one another, and understanding the difference socially, physically, and mentally. Our take-away is for Guests to become more aware of Empower Up and being able to celebrate while appreciating our diversity together.




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DisneyFrozen Musical at the Ohio Theatre.

August 3, 2023, was a moment to have been Frozen In!!! It was amazing with the effects of a musical play! The quick changes and all!! The energy they kept throughout the musical kept the audience, singing, dancing, and engaged.
Frozen - The Musical
Broadway in Columbus

Empower Our Youth Foundation families were invited by PNC Broadway in Columbus to attend "Youth Night" and enjoy the #DisneyFrozen Musical at the Ohio Theatre. Our EmpowerUp youth sang their hearts out with enjoyment!

The visual effects, the symphony, the singing the cast did a fabulous job!!!

The best part of the evening was being a part of the talkback with other Columbus youth organizations listening to a few of the cast members share their art and musical journey as cast members of Disney Frozen The Musical!!!

Thanks to the #ohiotheate and frozen-broadway, and broadwayincolumbus for this magical experience our Empower UP families will cherish!


Bullying is a significant problem that is experienced worldwide. Bullying has become a crisis that affects millions of youth/teens and even young adults each year. An estimated 10%-30% of students involved directly and indirectly in bullying have left an oppressive negative outcome. Over the past three years we have seen how bullying behavior puts both student victims and the bullies themselves at risk for self-harm, violence, truancy, depression, self-harm, suicide and in a few cases life long social/emotional problems. In order to stop bullying at school, home and in their communities, Empower or Youth Foundation is committed to tackling several fronts, including teaching educators how to have a positive school culture, family engagement and comprehensive approach.


Tune in today as Tonya sits down with cbuzz host Mikaela Hunt to talk about providing resources for youth and the importance of advocating for yourself.

View the article from the Columbus Chamber of Commerce about the Empower Our Youth Foundation.

Vela Student Champion -Promise Parker

Congratulations Promise Parker! You have been chosen to be one of our VELA Student Champions! A VELA Student Champion is someone who exemplifies the values of the school or program they participate in. By highlighting their strengths— from perseverance to innovation to leadership– VELA wants to celebrate these exceptional students and inspire our whole community with their stories.


Commerce Announces Elevate Cbus Class Five Graduates

40 Central Ohio professionals named to fall 2022 graduating class

The Columbus Chamber of Commerce is honoring 40 Central Ohio leaders for their participation in its member-exclusive professional development program, Elevate Cbus.

“Elevate Cbus is a very important program for the Columbus Chamber of Commerce, and is supporting members of our business communities and workforce in professional development. As the Columbus Region’s largest business membership organization, we look forward to the growth and success to come,” said Don DePerro, Columbus Chamber president and CEO. “We are proud to recognize the participants of our fifth class of Elevate Cbus for their dedication and tireless work.”

Women Empowerment 03-05-23

Last week Empower our Youth Foundation and other amazing local women business owners in Columbus were featured on the show celebrating Women's Empowerment!!!! Check it out! Do you see any fabulous #businessowners you know on the segment? Give them a shout.

I want to start by letting you know that I greatly appreciate you allowing me the opportunity to work together. I had a wonderful time being your producer for your segment. It was such a nice time meeting with you. I greatly appreciate your feedback. I loved your segment. You looked wonderful. Me and my son will be keeping an eye out for your events to come support you

 Congratulations on being a part of the ONA family. It was great featuring you in our  Showcase!

2022 Changemaker Award


National Charter Schools Week 2022, recognized 10 school leaders, teachers, parents, and advocates in the charter schools who have made an impact in their communities. Learn more about the 2022 Changemakers

Education & Programming

  • Bullying Prevention for Youths & At-Risk teens ages 5-17
  • All ethnicities & cultures, low-income families, LGBTQ +Youth
  • Safe Place to Report All Bullying Incidents to the appropriate authorities
  • Mentorship & Tutoring Holistic Social Emotional Learning
  • Health & Wellness Education
  • Community Events
  • STEM/SEL/Literacy
  • Antibullying Awareness & More
  • We give youth a VOICE!

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Dear Empower

Stand up and be a voice for our youth against bullying!

Dear Empower is an opportunity to talk anonymously about your experience with bullying.