I had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Tonya - (Empowering Our Youth Foundation). I must say I enjoyed working with this great group of young scholars (EPIC Kids). I brought the portable Curbball game and felt like the kids enjoyed playing it. My overall experience with Empowering our Youth foundation was first, I received a warm welcome from the very beginning. Most of the kids were engaged, being competitive, and just very respectful. I introduced some kids to a game they had never heard of before, and a lot of them really started to come out of their shell as we continued playing.
I think the mission was accomplished, and I would love to return and introduce the game to even more kids in the future.
Donte Cook
Inner City Studios
Hey there!
My name is Susan and my son, Aiden is doing an anti-bullying project for school! He's so pumped about this project – he's really passionate about treating others well and doing the right thing. We both continuously work together on finding ways to be better people. 🙂
I wanted to send you this quick note… and say thanks for how helpful the Empower our Youth Foundation site was (especially the Parents & Educators page): https://empowerouryouthfoundation.org/parents-educators/
It's been super useful for my son for his project and it's fueling his passion too. He's a natural born leader… he's always sticking up for other kids and truly embodies kindness. He definitely needs to be in some kind of leadership role for his career!
In addition to saying thanks, Aiden really wanted to send you a resource he came across all about bullying and cyberbullying: https://www.nominus.com/en/dm/blog/hosting/cyberbullying-a-guide-to-internet-and-computer-safety
He's really excited to share it with others. Do you think you could potentially add the resource to the Parents & Educators page? He would be so thrilled to see it added… his teacher might even give him some extra credit on his project too. He's turning his project in Friday so if you could add it by then it would be PERFECT!
We are really excited to hear what you think! Thanks so much for your help.
My experience with Empower Up has been nothing but positivity! Being a part of a community that lets our children know that they MATTER and they are being heard is very important and that is Empower Up! My children love being a part of the fashion show. It allowed them to be a part of a nonjudgmental and safe place for them to express themselves. Empower Up, empowers and uplifts our children and lets the work know that we have arrived.
Ramla Ali