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Empower UP community events allows kids to feel belong and be valued, especially as they get older. This need is a big crossroad and filling it is essential to building Empower UP kids. Kids who will find value in themselves from anyone who will be their friend. Unfortunately, this may include anyone--drug dealers to school bullies to classmates who loves chaos and trouble.

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2022 Schedule of Community EVENTS


2022 Celebrate Life and Diversity Antibullying Fashion Show Gala

Sunday, August 21st, Columbus Museum of Art (CMOA), Columbus, Ohio   Your favorite Antibullying Fashion show event is coming back in 2022. The Celebrate Life and Diversity Antibullying Fashion Show…

Kids Art Walk, August 21

Ages 5-17 Create a piece of art that welcomes inclusivity and diversity. Showcase your art as a part of the Art Walk. During the fashion show. If selected you will…

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Register here online, or visit the William H. Adams Community Center to register! We look forward to see you there!

EPIC Kids Class (2)

You can book our Founder & CEO for a speaking engagement!


Dear Empower

Stand up and be a voice for our youth against bullying!

Dear Empower is an opportunity to talk anonymously about your experience with bullying.