The E.P.I.C Kids program is committed to supporting students who have experienced academic loss from digital learning during COVID-19 and who need help in dealing with all forms of bullying happening in their home, school, and community. The programming includes Bullying and Social/ emotional learning curriculum by the Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center to incorporate healthy living and inclusion for all youth. EPIC Kids program consists of meeting the needs of our vulnerable students in the areas:
Antibullying resources/skills
Tutoring / Mentoring
Volunteering - Community give back
STEM Activities - hands-on activities to assist with social-emotional deficits
Literacy - books are provided to students at all community/ EPIC Kids program
Self-Esteem empowerment - Fashion Shows
Social-Emotional stability
Virtual Learning Skills - digital learning
Free lunch/snack - during tutoring, community give back, mentoring sessions
Free Books are given to students to build home libraries
Free school supplies to students

CEO/Founder Tonya Kelly, M.Ed and International Board Member Quan Abazie M.Ed are both currently highly qualified educators servicing students with multicultural backgrounds in Columbus, Ohio, and Erie, PA. International Board member Quan Abazie M.Ed has served students as a Special Education teacher for the Department of Education in the US. The Virgin Islands. Empower UP mission is to advocate for youth/teens who need remediation and academic learning loss from digital learning. Empower UP programming provides homeless vulnerable students who are in need of food, clothing, shelter, supplemental education, social-emotional skills, and bullying prevention services for free in hopes to help sustain their family's needs.